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Services - Advisory

Business Set Up & Registration

We deal in setting up and registering the following types of Business entities which are available in India:

  • Private Limited Company
  • Public Limited Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship

Further we deal with the following for the benefit of our clients


We assist our clients in complying with all the registration formalities.

International Taxation:

International taxation is the study or determination of tax on a person or business subject to the tax laws of different countries or the international aspects of an individual country's tax laws.

Irrespective of the countries, our experts will advise you on your need and guide you on a right path on all the tax complications.

Domestic Corporate Tax :

In today's complex financial and business world, everyone needs reliable, professional accountancy and taxation help managing their personal and business finances.

We can help you in :-

  • making the most of tax-free opportunities
  • developing a plan for tax-efficient profit extraction
  • keeping business taxes to a minimum
  • minimising the tax on the sale/merger/de-merger/acquisition of your business
  • a tax-efficient remuneration package
  • reducing the cost of company cars and electronic equipments
  • Identifying tax-efficient savings Schemes
  • planning to reduce capital gains tax

Our Taxation service includes a wider range of services provided to individuals of different backgrounds as per their requirements:-
Tax consultant services for Resident Indians DIRECT TAXES:

  • Tax planning
  • Advance tax computation
  • Filling of Income return
  • Follow up income tax refunds.
  • Quarterly return for TDS/TCS in electronic form
  • Consultancy in TDS matters
  • No TDS/ TCS Certificate.
  • Registration of trust for charitable purposes
  • Specific advice on taxation
  • Other Compliances as per Income Tax Act.

Tax consultant services for Non-Resident Indians (NRI)
The Non Resident Indians (NRIs) need information and guidance in relation to legalities and procedures as to the assets held in India and taxation of income and profit/gains on sale of assets. This is specifically related to following:

  • Regulations as to operating bank accounts, repatriation of Income earned in India and special RBI schemes for returning NRIs.
  • Procedure to for purchase and sale of immovable properties in India and renting them out.
  • Procedure to file return of income and obtain tax exemption certificate and Permanent Account Number.
  • Replies to any queries on Indian Taxation, Foreign Exchange Management Act FEMA) and Reserve bank of India procedures and approvals.

Transfer Pricing :

Insight Corporate Solutions constitutes with good and most experienced Transfer Pricing Consultants / Specialists having thorough knowledge in international Transfer Pricing and International Taxation matters around the globe.
WWe offer the following services to our Clients

Documentation and Planning

Tax authorities worldwide are imposing new and more severe documentation requirements on companies in relation to their transfer pricing arrangements. Failure to comply can result in significant penalties. We can help you to develop coordinated global transfer pricing documentation and defense files as well separate country reports. The process is coordinated centrally to ensure consistency and accuracy in disclosure.

Economic Analysis

The stricter documentation requirements on companies imposed by Tax Authorities worldwide in relation its transfer pricing often has to be accompanied by an economic analysis. We have access to regional and global databases required to perform comparable searches to determine the appropriate remuneration for all types of intercompany transactions, such as, flows of goods, services, intangibles, loans, and guarantees.

Dispute Resolution

In the last few years, there has been an increase in transfer pricing audits and that is not expected to change. We can assist you in identifying transfer pricing risks, and avoiding, managing, and resolving transfer pricing disputes and audits in a coordinated manner.

Advanced Pricing Agreements

Under an Advanced Pricing Agreement (APA) procedure, the Tax Authorities and Tax Payer conclude an agreement on the transfer pricing methodology. The APAs provide taxpayers with greater certainty in managing their tax risks and potential exposure to risks.


In a business restructuring environment, when transferring assets within a group, it is important to have an economically solid valuation to support the transfer values. We can provide high quality valuation services for a number of purposes, for example migration and conversion of intangibles, licensing and royalty rate determination and financial reporting.

Indirect Tax :

We offer the following services to our Clients:
Service Tax consultant services:

  • Providing consultancy on Service Tax matter & levy of service Tax.
  • Registration of Enterprise under service Tax rules and obtaining certificate of that.
  • Modification in existing service tax registration certificate.
  • Calculation of Taxable Turnover & Tax thereon on monthly/ quarterly / half yearly basis.
  • Deposition of Service Tax with appropriate Govt. Department on timely basis
  • Filing of Service Tax return on timely basis with Govt. Department
  • Drafting appeals & submissions
  • Any other matter incidental thereto

Sales tax consultant services:

  • Providing consultancy on Sales Tax matter & levy of Sales Tax/ VAT.
  • Registration of Enterprise under Central Sales Tax Act & Tamil Nadu Vat Act and obtaining certificate of that.
  • Modification in existing Sales tax registration certificate.
  • Any other matter incidental thereto
  • Calculation of Taxable turnover & Tax thereon on monthly/ quarterly / half yearly basis.
  • Filing of Sales Tax/ VAT return on timely basis with Govt. Department.
  • Issuance of necessary forms from time to time.
  • Filing of Other documents/ Misc forms with the Govt. Department on time to time basis.
  • Drafting appeals & submissions.

Foreign Direct Investments :

Any business can reach its high point of success if it has a strong financial base and knowledge of prospects. Proper guidance of experts can definitely help one start a new company and direct it towards the right path.
When it comes to the challenges faced in business segments like foreign direct investment, business setting up, business registrations and accounting. We are a promising service provider offering a wide range of business services like Foreign Investment Structuring, Investment through Automatic Route, Direct Investment, Investment in Prohibited Sectors, Accounts Outsourcing Services, etc.
We advice you in the following :

FDI and RBI Compliance

  • Foreign Investment Structuring
  • Investment through Automatic Route
  • Direct Investment
  • Investment In Prohibited Sectors

We also assist you in RBI requirements such as

  • Reporting the amount of consideration for issue of shares/ convertible debentures under the FDI Scheme to RBI
  • Filing FC-GPR